Be true to yourself.

No one can be more you then you. Say it over again and again until you get it.

Its all well and good to be posting your inta pics and snap stories but if the content you’re posting isn’t your true self, what’s the point? who are you trying to impress? the people you are impressing are they worth having around if they don’t truly know you as yourself? Sounds pretty exhausting if you ask me.

Not everyone has to live their best life all the time 24/7 shit happens, bad times will come around every now and then its nothing to be ashamed of. What I do find shameful is stealing other peoples content/ hard work and claiming it as your own! Literally so stupid.  Posting for likes and comments and then deleting your entire feed is all kinds of crazy. People notice. I’ve never seen the point in stealing people content/work. What happenswhen someone asks for the exact thing posted that you’ve claimed you did that avro? Your own your own sis! Word gets around quickly. 

If day-to-day life isn’t what you want it to be, do something different. Change your routine, get a new job,find a new hobby or literally do anything other then what you’ve been doing. Misleading people into liking you, portraying yourself as a business owner, Personal traineror life coach or whatever your heart desires isn’t going to solve anything. Actually do the work, get the qualifications to do those things and see how easy life will be. I’ve seen it time and time again people claiming to be able to provide a service with LIMITED experience in a field and then totally butchering it. This causes stress from both parties. When it could all be avoided if one party was honest with themselves.

Well that’s pretty much all I have to say about that, rant over. 


– J

3 Life changing things I’ve learnt due to hairdressing.

1. You’ll never grow inside your comfort zone

Starting a job in a salon is one of the most socially awkward things I’ve ever done in my life. This may come as a shock to most of you but I wasn’t always a confident ball of “in yo face sass” that I am today, I was such a quiet awkward little apprentice in the beginning, I wouldn’t make eye contact with clients, I was to afraid to answer the phone and I certainly wouldn’t strike up a conversation without the client prompting me. The pressure of looking presentable, learning on the job, interacting with clients and cleaning the salon top to bottom is a lot. Now in saying that, there is no other job in the world I could see myself doing. The salon life is the most amazing, creative, life altering job there is. (in my opinion) but, you have to work for it. I mean W O R K. late nights, weekends, long periods on your feet, awkward encounters with clients, making mistakes, absolutely nailing a hair up. Making a bride smile on her special day by completely changing the style you both agreed on a million times. All the ups and downs of salon life shaped me into the stylist/person I am today. I built up a resilience of sorts, instead of taking everything as a personal attack I had to step back and think about it from a different point of view. Learn to ask the hard uncomfortable questions, take criticism, and start each client fresh. Being surrounded by a good team helps as well. I’ve met so many amazing life long friends starting at trade school to working in different salons.

2. Not everyone will like you.

There are so many types of personalities out there its honestly impossible for you to click with them all. I’m talking clients and co workers here. Working in a small space with multiple girls is as scary as it sounds. One girl might have beef with another girl and if you talk to that girl you’ve betrayed the other girl… blah blah blah.. Girls are insane. But there is a salon out there for everyone. I mean that. There’s a salon our there filled with like-minded stylists who will become your second family. There is no shame in jumping from salon to salon until you find your tribe. Now when it comes to clientele its tricky. Humans are very complex creatures, when it comes to their appearance the sweetest lady on earth can quickly become a savage beast if things aren’t what she deems acceptable. That’s why communication is the most important tool you have. Obviously professionalism takes precedence over a personality clash so there will be times where you may have to bite your tongue, but in saying that you don’t have to be made feel a fool. You’re a human also. Having an awareness that you are clashing with someone is something that really helped me move forward in my career. Its okay to let a client go to another stylist they may get along with better. Your vibe attracts your tribe, once I worked that out my job literally became hanging out with my best friends every day.

3. Respect is a two way street

When it comes to respect in the work place, I strongly feel that it has to be earned. There is also an unspoken chain of command measured in years served in a salon. You must earn your keep when you start in a new salon, there will be no waltzing in and doing sweet F.A, If I’m busting my ass while you take an hour and fifteen minute lunch break ima be wondering why we hired your lazy ass. But if we’ve both busted our butts then guess who will be sitting next to you on that hour and fifteen minute lunch break. Salon life is emotionally draining at times, so it’sunderstandable that not every day will be a good day. There’s no shame in coming into work and saying, “ not feeling it today gals” I know I’ve done it, my girls have done it. It just gives us an awareness that you’re not on point today and tomorrow you’ll be back. I keep saying this but communication is key. Even with clients, respect their process of relaxation whether that’s keeping quite while they read a magazine, offering a coffee or wine or even asking a regular client if they’re ok because they seem different then usual. All these things go a long way in making a client feel respected and in return that client will respect you enough to turn up on time to appointments, value what you suggest in a consultation or ask you about your day.

Why I cant live without these 5 products

Working in the hair & beauty industry for 8 years has given me awesome exposure to a wide range of products. Some I loved, others id rather not uses again. These are my top 5 products that have never ever failed me.

1. Bastille Dry Shampoo

This little miracle is my saving grace, its hands down the best dry shampoo in the market. Being a hairdresser means my hair should be clean and glossy all day every day right? WRONG GIRL, so very wrong. My hair is at least 80% dry shampoo at any given moment. There are so many dry shampoos on the market but a lot of them literally make your hair oilier then before, making the whole process redundant. Bastille never fails and is conveniently available at chemists and supermarkets. That helps price wise coming in between the $5.00 – $10.00 mark because I go through more then I’m willing to admit to. So if you’re a dry shampoo enthusiast such as myself this is the one for you!

2. Kerastase Cimente Thermique

This delicious little heat protector will win you over by the smell alone, but will keep you coming back for more with the way your hair feels once you’ve dried/styled it in. its on the other end of the price scale being a Kerastase Paris product $42.00 but you are definitely getting what you pay for. Having a great heat protectant in your routine is a must and this is the best of the best.

3. Muk Deep 1 minute ultra soft treatment

If you love the feels of a treatment but have zero time for self care like me, this treatment will change your life. In just 1 minute your hair will be softer and stronger. Again with the yummy smells I cant go past this one in the shower. This price point is perfect the whole DEEP MUK range is $25.95 each.

4. Osmosis Skincare

I was never really one for a skincare routine until I came across this brand. These products improve the health of your skin to make the results last longer. Non toxic, highly potent and clinically proven science that transforms and restores skin. And its oncology friendly! I have had a few clients go through chemo and cant use certain products or have reactions to their old products. I had no idea that was a thing so when I found out osmosis was oncology friendly I had to let my girls know! I had a skin consult last year and came up with a routine that suited my skin type. I use a gentle cleanser, an enzyme exfoliation, a gentle retinal serum called “calm” and a deep moisturizer called “quench”.

Price point on these products may seem a bit stiff but you 100% getting what you pay for, I’m yet to hear someone regret purchasing any osmosis product.

5. Bondi Sands ultra dark solution

Its no secret ya girl loves her spray tans! I’m not saying this tan will suit everyone because it won’t. There are so many amazing new brands that tailor the colour to your skin, for example if you have red/pinky skin tones a green based tan will neutralize the red or if you have a yellow skin tone a violet based tan with give you the best result. Bondi sands has been the best tan for me consistently for years, the colour is rich and compliments my skin. It also fades off perfectly where as a few other brands I’ve tried tend to come off my skin badly and leave me looking like a crunchy bread roll, not ideal.

Price point on this tan depends on the salon you go to obviously but they do have a foam that is very close to a professional tan and that’s available literally everywhere! $15.00 will get you a bottle of 200ml ultra dark foam and depending on your size you should get multiple uses out of one bottle.

Hair by Jessica J

16 things you’re doing to sabotage your salon experience.

1. Not telling your stylist about your hair history.

Lying about your hair history is a big no no! Maybe we do it because we are afraid to be told we can’t achieve our hair goals or we don’t want to admit to using a packet colour? Either way, it’s better to come clean because your hairs health and history affects the formula and methods used by your stylist. I’m not in the business of destroying hair dreams, i just need all the facts.

2. Not bringing pictures or references of the hair cut/colour you want.

There are only so many words I can use to describe short length haircut/lob/bob – and even so, some still don’t quite get it. Not only is a photo the easiest way express what you are hoping to achieve but it also allows a starting point, which I can then personalize and make the cut right for you. Plus it helps eliminate confusion when describing certain hair colors. for example: golden blonde or yellow blonde – non hairdressers cant relate, so a picture in this sense will absolutely say a 1000 words.

3. Not bringing a photo of the hair you DON’T want.

Just as important as expressing your dream hair, its very important to have a reference of what you DONT want. I’ll have a crystal clear idea of your expectations and we are both on the same page and ready to achieve your hair goals.

4. Not talking to the stylist about your every day look.

Staying quiet in the chair – You don’t have to go into why you cut your own bangs or why every time you go through a breakup you go blonde (unless you and i are on that level, then by all means girl, let it out.) But you should definitely bring up things like your fav colour lippy & nail polish or go to colours of clothing. This gives me an opportunity to give suggestions on complementary colours that will flatter your signature look.

5. Not booking a consult in advance.

If it is your first time at a new salon – or you’ve decided to take your look in a completely different direction by taking the leap from brunette to platinum – you should definitely book an appointment to talk about it ahead of time. Many salons offer a complimentary consultation. This allows us to create a sort of “game plan” and lets you express your wants and want not’s for your overall look. It also allows for future services to be booked in correctly allowing sufficient time to be made.

6. Setting unrealistic hair goals.

So you’re obsessed with Khloe Kardashians blonde glam waves but you’re rocking a dark brown Victoria Beckham inverted bob – do NOT, I repeat do NOT sit in my chair and say “ lets do this for a change.’ I’m all for changing it up, but come on girls – lets be real. Its all over our social media now that perfect blondes don’t happen over night, there is always steps/processes to achieve your hair goals. Don’t get me wrong keep bringing in your inspo pics – lets workshop this out together! But keep in mind we are hairdressers not magicians.

7. Not taking your morning routine into consideration.

Choosing a hairstyle that is going to take FOR-EVER to do in the morning before work is not ideal. If you opt for the sleek & smooth bob cut but naturally have the thickest curly hair known to man then maybe consider a keratin smoothing treatment or weekly blow waves in salon. I know myself and a few of the girls in salon have been through the heartbreak of having a client return to salon and say that can’t manage to style the cut because they don’t have time in the morning or its just easier to tie it up. If that’s the case it should have been discussed PRE cut so a haircut that suits your lifestyle/morning routine can be arranged.

8. Turning up with a head full of product.

If you use a lot of product on a regular basis, invest in a clarifying shampoo to use before your appointments. This will dramatically help me be able to achieve your hair goals (product build up can absorb the lightener and prevent the hair from lightening to the desired level) so by all means girls, use the hell outta that dry shampoo, curl cream or hairspray – just wash it out before you sit in my chair.

9. Fidgeting too much while you’re sitting in the chair.

Now, I am not the greatest at sitting still so this one is a touchy subject for me, however – it needs to be brought to the people’s attention. Of course you can, flip through some mags, play on your phone and enjoy sipping on your coffee. I’m not expecting you to sit like a statue and look straight into the mirror BUT if you need to re-adjust, reach for your bag on the ground or want to look at the dog that’s tied up outside, LET YOUR GIRL KNOW – nobody wants any mishaps (incorrect placement of colour or bleach/a slip with the scissors) due to client error. It’s awkward for the both of us.

10. Staying silent when something doesn’t look/feel right.

If your scalp starts tingling (unless you are known to have severe allergies which you would of disclosed in your consultation so its unlikely – tingling in the beginning can be normal) or you notice a smudge of colour on your neck – don’t feel bad, speak up. We are here to help you relax and feel at ease. Communication is key ladies, we can’t read minds but we can and will do everything to make you comfortable.

11. Showing up 15+ mins late to your appointment.

Running late for appointments is something that divides a lot of stylist. Traffic happens, missed alarms happen or just one of those days where everything seems to go wrong happens. I’m human; those things happen to me more often then not, I get it.

Although from a stylists point of view, 10-15 minutes determines whether or not your entire day will turn to garbage. My advice to you would be call ahead let the salon know, be HONEST, if you’re 25mins away DO NOT say you will be there in 10mins (we can tell time.) 9/10 times if we can fit you in we will, to sweeten the deal bringing in a coffee; works a treat. – Just kidding – not really.

12. Saying you love your new colour when you don’t.

You asked for caramel highlights, but at the end of the service they look a little more copper then you expected, awkward? Maybe. If you aren’t 100% happy let us know straight away – it could be as simple as a new toner applied or a clarifying shampoo. Sometimes It may take a few services to achieve a goal colour but both you and your stylist will sleep better having talked it out before you leave the salon.

13. Giving yourself or allowing your friends to do a D.I.Y haircut.

I will keep this one very simple. DON’T DO IT. Put the scissors down, back away from your friend, get in the car and drive to a salon. Once your hair is cut off we CAN NOT I repeat CAN. NOT. Stick it back on. Those bangs you have now are there for a good 3-6 months. Enjoy.

14. Not maintaining your hair colour in-between salon visits.

If you’re looking for that beautiful vivid red or the classic platinum blonde and you adore how it looks when you leave the salon, but after a few weeks you feel less like a flawless goddess and more like a dull daisy, take a look at your homecare regime. There are a million products on the market now that allow you to get the best out of your colour. You know the pitch your stylist gives you at the basin about shampoo and conditioner that’s “right for you”? The one you roll your eyes too? Yeah, that’s for your benefit not ours. Put it this way, would you buy a new car, drive it until the fuel runs out and call the dealership to complain about it? Nope, you would fuel that bad boy up. Same goes with maintaining your colours.

15. Wearing your favorite shirt to the hair salon.

I’m all for dressing to impress. Although it should go without saying, if you love it, leave it in the closet. Even under a towel and wrap accidents happen. It would be just as upsetting for me to ruin an outfit as it would for you to have an outfit ruined. If you’re leaving for an event straight after your visit to the salon, use my bathroom girl. Do your make up, change your outfit, your hairs already done and if anything falls out of place; no big deal, get your girl to fix you up on the way out. What better place to get ready then at the salon! `

16. Being rude to apprentices or salon assistants.

The girl or boy who made you your coffee, shampoo and conditioned your hair with an extra long head massage and arrange your next appointment for you before you leave – she or he is doing that for YOU to make sure YOU enjoy YOUR experience. But also keep in mind; they may still be in training. So on top of catering to your all your needs they’re watching and learning, taking everything in so that when they qualify they can be the best stylists they can be. So before you decide to make snide comment or give the salon a bad review try letting them know what it was that they did, so that they can learn by their mistakes and grow from it.

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